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Home » Placement Papers » Persistent Placement Papers »Persistent Placement Paper 07th Feb 2007
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Persistent Placement Paper 07th Feb 2007,Nagpur

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        Please Remember one thing, that if the subjects like oop and dbms are not covered yet, then they wont take ur exam on that...... i thought the paper would contain it and the subjects are yet to be covered (as I am in 6th sem) so i didnt prepare the C and data structures. Dont make that childish mistake. They consider your subjects covered and then they take the test accordingly.

For Computer people they have placement for Development and for others (NA for electrical) ETC it is Quality Analysis and testing.
Criteria to appear is 60 % and above from ssc hsc engg present and no KT  you have to be a clean person. (a Saint)

I am from Computers , so discussing the Development paper: QA had different test
1st Round:- 
Appeared 350+   Selected: 59 only
All MCQz = Multiple choice Questions

15 questions on aptitude
LR, percentages, age problems,Ratio proportion

15 Questions on C
give the output, what is the error, some had abcde and some had abcd options only

10Questions on Data Structures
Complexity, Better sorting techniques,etc

5 Question on OS.
Unix, paging, segmentation.

2nd Round:-               
Selected =22
Write a C Program
1) An Array to be passed to a function and check some condition and print. <--- SO pointers are considered

2)Datastructure BTREE  pre-order and its traversal and checking if itis palindrome.

3rd round
Interview :  In the nagpur Persistent campus............. results yet to be out ...... I think five would be selected
Persistent is a 11th fastest growing company , so if you want to learn while you earn  go for it Package provided was 2.6+
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