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Infosys Placement Paper 127

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Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS Latest Fresher Placement Question Paper 34


Questions asked in Infosys Written Test May 16th 2004


1. A man sold two cows for Rs. 210 at a total profit of 5 %. He sold
one cow at a loss of 10% and another at a profit of 10%. What is the
price of each cow? (3 marks)
Soln: Rs. 150 and Rs. 50

2. A train ran at a certain speed for one hour and then due to a
technical problem, it ran at 3/5th of its original speed and reached
destination 2 hrs late. The driver said, had the problem occurred 50
miles later, we would have gained 40 minutes. What is the distance
between the two cities that the train travelled?
Soln : 200 miles (6 marks)

3. A problem on a bag containing socks. (3 marks)
4. Series (6 marks)
a. 3, 7, 13, 27, 33,......., _
b. 364,361,19,16,4,1, _
Soln : 1

INFOSYS Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 34

5. 3 ppl each one wearing hat of one person and riding the bicycle of
another. A is wearing B's hat and riding C's cycle. Who is riding A's
cycle?? (3 marks)
Soln : B

6. 4 friends first names and last names given, not in order..... they
make fruit salad with apples, bananas, cherries and grapes.... each
3 fruits in the salad. Few conditions are given. And 4 questions. (8

7. A farmer is telling his wife, if we sell 75 chickens, the chicken
food will last for 10 more days. But if we buy 100 chickens as we say,
then the chicken food will last for 15 days less. How many chicken
have? (6 marks)

8. Few stmts were given, and we have to find which day of the week it
is, if only one of them told the truth. (6 marks)

Soln: Sunday

9. My husband's watch gains 2 minutes every watch and my watch loses 1
minute for each hour. One day, we were late to marriage because the
difference between the time in the two watches was 1 hr and we looked
the slow watch. When did we last set our watches to the same time? (3
Soln : 20 hours

10. A, B and C, school students, each led a team, They had to cut logs
into 1/2 m long logs. A and D cut 2m logs, B and E cut 1 1/2 m long
logs and C and F cut 1 m long logs. A, B, C, D, E, F, G are all first
The school praised P and X for cutting 28 logs, Q and R for cutting 27
logs and R and Z for cutting 26 logs. P, Q, R, X, Y, Z are last names.
what is the first name of Y? (6 marks)
Soln : E

Then, there was an objective test in English for half an hour.
Interview was on the next day, lasted for 15 minutes, 3 puzzles were


1.A Man sell 2 cows for Rs.210. He sells 1 cow for a profit of 10% and another cow for
a loss of 10%

totally he got profit of 5%. find cost of each cow.

2.A box contains white sox and black know that the least number of sox
that should be taken
for a sure pair of same color is same as the least number of sox that should be
taken for a sure pair of different color.

what is the number of sox in the box if there's no difference between left and right sox?

3.My watch is 2mts/hr slow and my husband watch is 1mt/hr fast we went together
to a marriage
but late. we had a difference of 1 hr. find the number of hours elapsed from the time we
set the 2 clocks correctly till now.

4.'A' says if seventy five chickens are sold from what we have now the the feed
will last for extra 20 days
but 'B' says if we buy additional 100 chickens then feed will get over 15 days earlier. find the no. of chickens both r hving now?

5.A ,B ,c are friends they went by cycle and wearing a hat of 1 frnd & riding cycle of another.
A is wearing C's hat find who is riding a's cycle.
ans: C

if A is wearing c's hat then it will be riding b's cycle.
if so B will be wearing A's hat no other way since A's wearing c's hat
and riding c's cycle. then remaining c will be wearing b's hat and riding
A's cycle.

6. A problem on train's speed & distance between 2 stns.
i cudn't solve it , dont remember also

7. An 8 marks problem, George Summers type...4 frnds go 4 a picnic preparing salad of 3 different fruits, no one uses same combination of fruits as the other, all 4 belong to different families. 5 conditions were given & finally 4 questions were asked on which family some belong, n which fruits r used etc.....can b solved

8. another 6 marks, George Summers type prob....3 pairs of people, with strange names...Patsya, misha, kotsya & so on....we were asked 2 match their 1st names with last names based on conditions given n work they do

9. George Summers again.....few statements...only 1 is true, which 1....n based on tht which day of the week is it
A. Sunday, statement of Dummie (D) was right

I am not able 2 recollect the left out problem, but it was simple. Someone plz post the answers if able 2...i'm not sure of the answers

English was simple....basic grammar...go thru barron's

Also, needed 2 ask 1 thing, does Infosys recruit people who r hving their aggregate below 60, mine is 54

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